Girls V’s Boys… ๐Ÿ‘ซ


‘Mummy can you wipe my bum?… half the time I’m so busy flying about doing things in the house, but as soon as I hear that little voice of my 5 year old boy I drop everything and go and make sure ‘the bum’ has been wiped properly….. yes there’s a difference already. ย I definitely didn’t help my daughter at that age (she’s now 8), but because he’s my little ray of sunshine (can’t do anything wrong in my eyes!), he’s still needing… or just being plain lazy, help in the toilet department! I certainly hope by the time he is 18 he’s learnt!!

My girl has always been ย ‘Little Miss Independent’ from day one, ‘Mummy I’ll do’, ‘No I want to do that’, so that’s the way we’ve kind of been with each other, so stubborn but yet if she can’t do something, she’s the first one to whinge go in a strop or just get real defensive.

The difference with my children, my boy has never whinged, can honestly say I’ve been lucky… always been a good sleeper (not so good eater though!), but I don’t have that second whinge that absolutely drains you. ย For example this morning, we were walking to school and there it was this constant negative moan about everything and anything, I can’t even remember what she was saying because it honestly didn’t make sense…. I pity her future husband! She could be on the highest, biggest, fastest, rollercoaster in the world and would still turn round to me and say ‘What’s next?’, never happy always looking for that something else……actually she’s starting to sound a little bit like myself!!

My boy is currently off school with chicken pox, not once has he complained, moaned..not yet anyway… letโ€™s hope I’m not tempting fate! But the difference is he just gets on with things, he could be quite happy sitting playing with his ultimate favourite LEGO, and entertain himself but my girl could be sitting with him, and all you would hear would ‘Mum, he’s getting on my nerves’ ‘Mum he’s getting in the way’… I scream in my head, just get on with it, and stop whinging about nothing! ย 

I think the real difference for me for girl v’s boy in my household is the different way they show myself affection. ย My boy tells me he loves me at every given chance of the day (and I’m not making it up!), he has done from an early age, not sure how long he will keep it up for, but for now I’m lapping it up. ย My girl on the other hand, yes she’s a loving girl, but cuddles and affection in her eyes is something when she wants something, or if she is upset about something. ย These affections I cherish as I know she’s certainly not a needy child, neither is my boy, but when I do get the occasional ‘Love you mum’ from my girl it puts the biggest smile on my face. ย With both my children they are very much different, but similar in many ways. ย When they both have a laugh with each other, it melts my heart, they play (to a certain extent) very well, but when they both get a bit sick of each other… they sharp tell one another.

Many people might have this the other way round, but for me my boy is certainly the loving little cherub in this household…. but I love them both the same regardless of her ‘Whinnie the Witch’ outbursts!


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  1. Well done on your first blog post! It will be interesting to see how different my boy and girl are as they grow up ๐Ÿ™‚ Reuben is already a better sleeper and I’ve heard boys like their sleep! He gives me the best cuddles and says aaaaaah, but I think Bella did the same. Reuben is definitely a Mummy’s boy so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Julia says:

    Great blog ! Can totally relate about s lot of it ..boys are def lazy in the toilet dept ..looking forward to yr nxt one xx

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