Why my friends mean everything to me ♡

My friends

It’s very rare that you still keep in touch with friends from school.  As you get older, you meet and make different friends, move to different areas, different countries, begin friendships with work colleagues, husbands friends wives etc.  You might still see the odd friend you knew from school, out and about in supermarkets, events, pubs etc. but for me I’m extremely lucky as not only have I kept in touch with 1, not 2 but a good 9 or so friends from High School.

High School

For me I went to my High School with one other close friend I knew, but we were separated into different groups in the year, so I had to start afresh.  At 13 years old not knowing anyone, it was daunting; actually it was extremely daunting for me!  It was tough as other girls in my class all went to the same Middle School and had clicks already, but slowly and surely I did make friends, and I’ve made some of the BEST friends I could wish for…for life!

Lauries Wedding

A lot of my ‘new’ friends came from Monkseaton, which is the next village up from Whitley Bay in Tyne and Wear.  I used to hop on the 345 bus up to Monkseaton every Friday night to try and mingle with my ‘new’ friends, in hope that they would accept me into their little group.  Numerous of trips later, I can gladly say they did, and I love them all for being there for me, and them wanting to get to know little young me!

My friendships with my friends have differed a lot since I was 13, some who I may not have been close to back then, have become my closest friends now, whether that’s because different things have happened in our lives that relate the same, maybe because of similar times we had our children or where we have lived, but all of them play a MASSIVE part in my life.  I’ve also made some great friends through my friends, I count myself very lucky to have meet these amazing ladies, these friendships I truly treasure.

Great Laughs

We have all had amazing times out over the years, whether that’s nights out in Whitley bay (back in the day!), our first girly holiday to Malia in 2000 or just sitting in someone’s house with a bottle of vino, crisps and just having a bloody good laugh about life itself.  These gatherings have now been happening for 20 years now, and every time we get together it’s different, as many of us have children now, married… and there’s always drama going on!

When we moved away to Wetherby in April 2012, I was excited and gutted at the same time, my friends weren’t a few streets away anymore, and I thought I would hardly see them.  At the time it did get me down, I didn’t have them in Wetherby with me and I felt really lonely.  Seeing any of my friends is like therapy to me, I can tell them everything and anything and I know they won’t judge me as a person, they know me too well… probably more than myself! I made a promise to myself that I would make the effect to go up and see them, also a great excuse to go up and stop at my mums for the weekend.

Hen Do

I know everyone grows up and lives change, my family & work are my top priority…. others get married, some may have babies.  Trying to fit in a date where everyone can get together is tough these days. But we all make a great effect to have our girly  get together’s… birthdays, races, weddings and christenings are mainly our times together now, any excuse to spend great quality time being in the same company, no one judging what your saying… drinking plenty of vino and great conversations…… I’m normally straight in that car heading up North!

Thank you for being my amazing friends, love you all, you know who you are ♥

My 30th

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Ah that’s lovely…nice trip down memory lane! Made me beam 🙂

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