It’s all about that DIY ‘Shabby Chic’ Style🎨

When we moved house last September, I wanted to get some new furniture especially for my daughter’s bedroom. I’m always trying to find ways to save a bit money, so I turned my attention to upcycling some old pieces of furniture.  I looked on Ebay & Gumtree religiously for a week, trying to see if I could find any bargains, I could collect locally.  I’ve always liked painting, I can’t draw at all, and I’m not the creative ‘Mother Earth’ mum who can make something out of nothing! But I do try, and everything which has needed to be put up in this house has mainly been done by myself, as I know it will be done properly!  I remember painting my daughter’s nursery when I was about 7 months pregnant and found it really therapeutic, so since then any bit of painting that needs doing around the house I tend to do…. actually I fix and do pretty much everything in this house!


My first little wooden 2 set table was only £7 from Gumtree, I couldn’t wait to get it home and get stuck into it and try and impress myself! I went to our local painters in Wetherby and decided to choose ‘Rust-Oleum, Chalky Finish’, Clotted Cream colour furniture paint, I also got persuaded to buy the Finishing Wax too, the guy in the shop sold it to me with the ‘smell’ of all things, as if he was selling me some perfume!!  I sanded the tables down and got to work, it only took two coats of paint to make it look ‘shabby chic’.  In the meantime,  I was patiently waiting for my stencils to arrive I ordered off Ebay, I went for some birds and flowery stencils, there’s loads to choose from….there actually quite expensive I thought, so if you decide to stencil in the future, take care of the ones you get, or it could it quite pricey! When the stencils arrived, I must admit it did ‘a bit of doing’ to get it right, the stencil kept moving and I was getting highly agitated, but eventually I manged and the end result I thought looked pretty good for my first attempt….. my daughter approved so that’s all that matters!!

My next little project was a set of 4 oak drawers, which I didn’t actually realise when we moved in the lady, had left it, so I thought right that’s getting a re-vamp! I had quite a bit paint left over and re-used the stencils. Again I think I’ve done an alright job (knobs still need replacing) but again my daughter loves it, so I’m happy!


So that’s me now hooked, I’m constantly looking on Ebay, Gumtree and other sites to see if I can grab a bargain.  We recently got a 3 set oak furniture piece off Gumtree for a bargain price, so that’s going to keep me busy for a few weeks, just trying to decide upon the colours and where we could put them in the house.  I think I’m going to go for a darker ‘shabby chic’ colour to match our front room, at least it will keep me entertained away from the golf and football, which constantly seems to be on in this house!

I’ll post some update pics of my creations when I’ve gone all Vincent van Gogh on them……..




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  1. Marielli says:

    Omg such beautiful work ❤️

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