All I want is a piece of Chocolate Orange! 🍫


Yep, that’s me I eat crap when I feel like crap! For years now I’ve always been quite self-conscious of what I eat, as I know once I start eating rubbish food… it just spirals out of control, especially if I start the day off bad.  I think right that’s it, I’ve started bad, it’s going to be one of those types of days…I must try harder tomorrow!  I wouldn’t say that I’m overweight at all, but I do tend to put the pounds on these days straight to my bum and thigh region, and once those jeans don’t fit me anymore, I go in a right stubborn huff with myself, and promise myself that these will fit again soon, no way I’m I buying any new ones!

I’ve always been quite a healthy eater (to a certain extent); I stopped eating meat when I was 9 years old…. It all started with a box of animal soaps from The Body Shop, I got as a birthday present.  In this box was a leaflet telling me how all these animals (elephant, gorilla, turtle, whale, polar bear.. that’s all I can remember),  why they were becoming extinct.  From there I joined all the animals clubs,  ‘PDSA’, ‘WWF’ and ‘RSPCA’.  I still carried on eating fish… so technically I’m a pescatarian but after all these years, I still say I’m vegetarian!

I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth going…. I blame this one on my mother! I love orange chocolate, there’s nothing better than sitting down and eating a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange to myself and having no guilty conscience at all… I’m sure those things are getting smaller anyway! I’ve also got a thing for jellies, Haribo Starmix is my favourite… my children don’t get a look in if there’s a bag in the house, I secretly hide a packet away and stuff my face when there not looking, how bad is that!

The truth is I don’t drink enough water, whether that’s because I’m always on the go and when I do drink, it tends to be a nice hot cup of tea at work or cold tea at home…blame my kids for this one!  So 3 weeks ago I decided to make a change, I’ve changed my whole eating and exercise regime. Instead of going through 2/3 bottles of wine a week, I was cutting it down to a glass a week, it was hard at first but I knew I had to try to stay off the alcohol… for a short period anyway!

I’ve got no excuses for exercise, I have 3 hours to myself in the morning , not that I sit around doing nothing, I’m always doing cleaning, washing and ironing, it’s never ending in this house!  So I ordered a celebrity DVD off the internet, little sad I know but I actually got really excited when it arrived. I’ve now been ‘trying’ out this DVD for 2 weeks (with the curtains closed of course!) and it’s actually great fun, easy moves, and it’s sectioned into 3 minute workouts.  I think there’s 12 overall…..haven’t actually made it to the end yet! Overall it’s making me want to do it again and again, so it must be okay.  On previous DVD’s I’ve bought in the past, you get sick of hearing their voices going on about themselves, it’s actually put me off  doing them again but because there’s no cheesy chats in this one, and you can hear the music in the background it’s keeping me going.

My eating habits have also improved, as well as my drinking.  I now have a smoothie every morning and a green tea with lemon.  I eat my dinner before I head off to work, I seem to be having eggs with everything at the moment, but they fill me up. I’m drinking hot water at work, and snacking on little sweetclem oranges.  For tea I’m eating fish either prawns, salmon or tuna with noddles, salad etc. and for my desert a nice chocolate orange Alpen bar (I need to have some chocy orange somehow!).  I’m trying to eat with the kids so I don’t eat after 7pm, and snack on fruit until I go to bed.  I’ve lost about 5lbs in the 3 weeks, but I know if I go back to heavy carbs, I’ll put it straight back on.  The evil demons in me want all the bad stuff, but I know I have to try to be good, plus the warmer weather is on the way and I want some new clothes!

Now where’s those Haribos I’ve been hiding……sorry meant to say oranges!!

Chocy orange

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  1. Jo says:

    I eat all my children’s Easter eggs and selection boxes… Now that’s naughty!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Orange flavoured chocolate is just so good isn’t it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mummy Lee says:

      There’s currently an open Terry’s orange in my daughters bedroom, so tempting when I see it, wish she would just hurry up and eat it! X


    2. Mummy Lee says:

      No one has a look in when there’s orange chocolate in this house! Especially Terry’s… and the orange Quality Street, yum! x


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