Why I never want to look at Imperial Leather Soap ever again!

When I was about 7-8 years old I learnt a VERY valuable life lesson and to this day it’s changed the whole outlook on how I speak to my mam and dad.

I remember we were all in the front room, me, my sister, mam and dad, I was playing silly games with my dad on the floor… honestly that’s all I remember, then… I swore, I said the ‘S’ word, I said it without even realising what I had said, I turned to look at my mam who had her mouth wide open looking at my sister……then the next minute I was getting dragged upstairs into the bathroom. My mam grabbed the bar of soap ‘Imperial Leather’… yes that horrible soap with the roughest tin-foil thing on the top, and she put it in my mouth.  Your probably thinking what…. do people actually do that, yes my mother did do that to me and it’s probably the best thing she ever did.

After she had ‘rinised my mouth out’, she put me straight into my bedroom (without any water may I add!) and left me to ponder about what I had just said. I’m unsure how long I was in my bedroom for, probably for the rest of the night, but I did apologise and told her I would never swear again.  Actually looking back now mam, how did I know that swear word, hmmm?? soap2

I look back now and laugh, I certainly didn’t at the time! You don’t hear many people actually doing it these days, well none of my friends anyway.  Even if you did put soap in your child’s mouth, they would probably ring Childline or something, but I can honestly say I have never swore in front of my mam and dad since.

My sister on the other hand swears like a trooper these days and gets away with it, but it’s not something that I want my mam to hear coming from me, effin and blindin in conversations.

Don’t get me wrong, I do swear, but that’s something for my husband and friends to hear, not my parents.

I hope to think I’ve shown them respect over the years for not wanting to swear, it’s just something I just don’t do, and even if a little swear word wants to pop out, I’ll say it really quietly so she can’t hear as I certainly don’t want that soap in mouth again at 33!

As for ‘Imperial Leather’ soap, to look at it now makes me cringe… I absolutely detest it, but in another way it also learnt me a valuable life lesson, to show a little bit of respect towards my parents.  My kids should be lucky I don’t have that soap in the house, if they were to ever swear….. fingers crossed they won’t for a little while, but it will happen, that little swear word will pop out, I don’t know if I could resist the temptation of our Dove soap!!

It certainly worked for me, it might work for them… but I don’t think I could actually bring myself round to doing that these days, a bit tough love and a good old talk about it, might hopefully get them to realise that it’s  certainly ‘not’ okay to swear, especially around me!

Have you ever had soap in your mouth as a child? Or is it just me….?

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  1. Chloe says:

    Haha, this is exactly what happened in my house. Except I was never at the receiving end. It was always my sister, you learnt from it. But she most defo did not 😂

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