☀Our Good Friday day out in Sunny Yorkshire/Lancashire☀

20160325_121528.jpgBilly Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour at Bolton Abbey, Skipton, North Yorkshire is a fantastic family trip out.  It has a great American style diner with lots to choose from including burgers, ice-creams, pancakes and many more!

We last came here at Halloween, where they go all out with their massive pumpkins and decorations.  You can visit the witch and her cauldron in her little trailer, before entering the haunted warehouse which is great, and not too scary for the little ones… even though I did get spooked, but I hate the unknown of things jumping out!

There are 3 play areas for the kids, and all range from little tots to 15 year olds! The two barns are sectioned off into Under 6’s and Over 7’s.  Each area fantastically built to entertain your little ones for numerous of hours.  There were plenty of tables and chairs to sit on, or if you want, you can get in & enjoy the action too, jumping around on the hay stacks!

Next stop was to Ribble Valley, Lancashire……..

View of the Ribble Valley, driving away from pretty Slaidburn, Lancashire.
Scenic view, Ribble Valley, Lancashire.


My girl having fun with twigs down by the River Hodder in Slaidburn.



We drove through this little village of Downham, Lancashire.  It has a lovely little stream running through it, very picturesque.  It also had a virbrant looking pub called The Assheton Arms, which one sunny day we will return and sit outside, and have a nice pint of Guinness with all the other folk!

Photo taken on drive to Downham, Lancashire.


Great views over the Ribble Valley, Lancashire.


20160325_132634.jpgMe enjoying most all of the scenic views from the comfort of our car, loved all the sunny views ☼ 

We loved Good Friday 2016, hope you all did xx

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