Best Books, Toys & Games, which have ever graced my household! 📚🎲

I loved playing games when I was younger, still do now… but only if I’m winning!  When I was a child, I remember playing with my all-time favourite Christmas present, ‘Babytalk’.


I loved this baby doll, looking back now it was quite heavy, and quite scary looking… can’t remember how long I had this doll for, but I took it everywhere with me.  It’s funny now, as I don’t like looking at any baby dolls or Barbie’s, they actually creep me out… my precious ‘Babytalk’ and me must have parted on bad terms!!

We didn’t have Lego in the house, but I do remember my first computer…….my Amstrad.  You had to wait for bloody ages for the tape to load up, and even then, it mostly didn’t work the first time and you would have to start your whole half hour trying again.  My favourite games were the ‘Dizzy the Egg’ adventures and ‘Postman Pat’.  My dad and me used to have competitions with each other playing the different ‘Dizzy Egg’ games,  who could complete the levels first or find certain objects.  My dad was always so smug the next morning if he managed to find something I couldn’t, he probably stayed up all night on thing!  It’s not like the games the kids play on these days on the XBox etc, once you died on the level you were on, you had to start all over again!

Here is a list of 10 items, my kids have absolutely loved over the years……

  1. Lego

  2. Julia Donaldson Books

  3. Cardboard Boxes

  4. Kids Tent

  5. Horrible History Books

  6. Kids Monopoly

  7. Snakes & Ladders

  8. Hudi Tablet

  9. Kerplunk

  10. Sticker Books


Where to I start with this magnificent creation!! My daughter never really got into Lego until my son did, as soon as my son turned 3 years old he couldn’t get enough of it.  It has honestly kept him entertained for hours……actually days building the ‘Star Destroyer’ over Christmas with me as Assistant Manager! He has just celebrated his 5th Birthday, and he had the chicken pox so he was off school, Lego kept him busy  all day, creating some very proud creations, all by himself! I don’t really know where he gets his patience and skill from, as I’m as fickle as anything and get bored with things after a while!

Julia Donaldson Books

I would like to shake Julia Donaldson’s hand if I could, what absolutely magnificent, entertaining and endearing books she has written over the years.  I could actually read ‘The Gruffalo’ off by heart, again and again and wouldn’t get bored.  Stickman is another favourite, the kids love it when we change our voices to the characters… I think that’s why they still enjoy me reading them now, they never get bored with them.  All of Julia Donaldson’s books are great, and if you didn’t know before… in other books if you look real closely at some pages you’ll find the Gruffalo hidden in secret ways!gruffoloWe actually had a ‘Julia Donaldson CD’ in the car, about 3 years ago… I used to find it still on sometimes even when the kids weren’t in the car, there I was singing away to myself!

Cardboard Boxes                                 box

Yep the good old favourite cardboard boxes, great way of entertaining your children, endless hours of fun, what great creativity and imagination is involved with a cardboard box.  I remember when I was young, I made a rocket out of a cardboard box… I actually thought it was going to fly to the moon, wish I was still as naive as I was back then!

Kids ‘Pop up’ Tent

In the summer our pop up tent was great fun, we used to have teddy bear picnics out in the garden, story telling sessions and our place to have our lunch.  In the winter it used to have the prime spot in the front room, until one day I tripped over the thing and went flying….. needless to say it didn’t enter the front room again! tent

Horrible History Books

Every year for the past 4 years I have bought my daughter the ‘Horrible History Annual’ at Christmas, she loves them!  She loves learning about history, and these have helped her in a funny sort of way of remembering things which have happened in our history.


Her favourite is ‘The Awesome Egyptians’, she has played Horrible Histories games on the CBBC website, and also interacted with the television programme ‘Gory Games’ on her tablet, answering questions. The actual programme Horrible Histories is hilarious, and as an adult I want to sit down with her and sing along to the songs they sing too, comedy gold!

Kids Party Monopoly monopoly

This game has created more arguments and strops than I don’t know what, but it’s great fun to play.  The kids love it when we land on one of their ‘parties’ demanding the money right then, but as soon as the money starts disappearing all hell is let loose.  Putting the arguments to one side, the kids understand the value of the parties and love to see if there is anything in the ‘party box’ or seeing if their ‘chance’ card has produced them with any money……& it’s normally me putting money in the box in the first place, I never win!!

Snakes & Ladders

What a great game! I loved this when I was young, and I never get bored with it now……even though yet again I never seem to make it to the end!   We have this game in various sizes, big floor one, normal game size and a travel one.  Keeps us entertained for hours! snakes

Hudi Tablets

My kids have had these for the past few years now.  They entertain them when we travel back up North, they can download games from the ‘Playstore’.  I’ve only purchased a few apps over the years, which is great as the freebies must be doing their job and entertaining them.hudlsI know we could buy them I Pads, but for their ages right now, they don’t know any different, my daughter now has restricted access of the internet on hers, so she can watch NetFlix.  For the money that we bought them for in Tesco’s, it’s certainly been worth the money!


What a game….again I had this when I was a child, who would have known a few bits of sticks and marbles could keep you entertained for a few hours.  The anticipation of whether of not your going to be the one to move all the marbles down is sometimes unbearable, and I have to take my turn very quick to get it out the way!


Sticker Books

These things have been the best thing since sliced bread over the past 6 years in our house.  We currently have all the Star Wars sticker books on the go at the moment, they are great for car journeys, holidays and ways to wind the children down.  The more sticker books the better, hopefully they won’t get sick of them anytime soon…..

What games did you like playing as a child?

Feel free to write in the comment box below

Lyndsey x



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