Going a bit stir crazy! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Is it just me or is anyone else think they are losing the plot a little??! I can’t really get away with using the ‘mummy brain’ phrase anymore as my youngest is now 5! ย I’ve been thinking like this for a little while now (stir crazy!), my mind is so worked up all the time doing everything and anything for my family and household that I’m starting to forget silly little things. ย The thing is, I’m not a very organised person at all, in fact I’m not at all, never have been, never probably will be….but according to my star sign.. ‘Virgo’, I should be a super organised perfectionist….. this couldn’t be further from the truth. ย I’m far from perfect, I know I should take care a little bit more of myself, but I always seem to put myself on the back burner, making sure that my family are okay, and the house is tidy!

My husband is the main breadwinner in our family, he works really hard at what he does, and he’s bloody good at it too. ย He works long hours, most days starting at 5:30am and not finishing till after 8pm, or even longer is he’s working from home. ย Me on the other hand, looks after everything in the meantime, from sorting the kids out in the morning and taking them to school, packed lunches, tea time, washing, ironing, hoovering, my part-time job…I won’t go on because you get the picture, I do everything, but I wouldn’t have it any other way..well maybe a cleaner to do the bathrooms would be nice, just for a few hours a week!!


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been a little forgetful with a lot of things recently, my husband tells me to write things down, and I do… but then I seem to lose the piece of paper I’ve just written it on! I may be forgetful but I’ve also got the attitude that ‘I’ll do it later’ but when later comes….I haven’t done the thing I was meant too! ย For example we are trying to sort out new life insurance recently, and I was meant to be ringing our doctors chasing medical records etc, every morning for 2 days my husband would say, ring the doctors and chase them, ย I would mentally register his request but then I’ll get distracted…… I start doing different things, then go to work…. then it’s the end of day, and the doctors is closed….opps… I’ll ย ring tomorrow now! That went on for longer than it should have, I just keep putting things off for no reason at all.

I always seem to be thinking, don’t ask me what about, because honestly me and my little mind seem to be having this constant full on party half the time, then reality kicks in and brings me back to the real world!

As I’ve said before, I’m always on the go… I don’t sit down in this house till the kids are in bed, then after then it’s making more tea, washing up… it’s relentless in my household. ย I’m also a worrier, not as bad as I used to be, but still things get stuck in my head, and I over analyse every situation, till eventually I’ve blown it WAY out of proportion than it originally was… mental note to myself, stop it!! ย It’s normally at the end of the day, when I’m trying to get to sleep that my mind wants to stay wide awake and remind myself what I didn’t do that day!

Final note…buy a big notebook tomorrow Lyndsey, and use it!!


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  1. amy111rose says:

    I could’ve written this myself! Except for a few details but definitely in the stir crazy department, we are quite alike. My youngest is 7, I still have baby brain (I’m sure I read some simply never recover…works for me!) At times I feel I am chasing my tail, but I keep reminding myself of my “why’s” and move on to the next task, which is often a redo after the kids have come along and undone the job! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Mummy Lee says:

      Ha we are all in the same boat.I as long as the kids are happy, I’m happy! Thank you for your lovely comments xx

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  2. Oh yes exactly the same and I still use baby brain excuse, though my youngest is 13 months now! I say it’s because I’m not just organising myself anymore, but I have to think for 4 people (me, 2 children and my husband!), plus work from home, plus go out to work, plus keep on top of the household chores and organise everything for everyone, arggggg! Hahaha! It’s all good though really, but I do constantly feel like my head is fuzzy!


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