The Smell of the Hotdogs 🌭

My husband’s fantastic writing…

The Smell of the Hotdogs….a young lad’s first trip to the football game with his dad through his eyes.


Hello my name is Ryan and I am 4 years old.  I have just finished school for the week and by the time I next go to school, I will be 5 years old….YES it is my birthday tomorrow!

Now when you are going to be 5 it is very important, my friends Robert and Toby are already 5 and they say when you are 5 you can learn to be an astronaut and fly to the moon.

The moon is made of cheese and chocolate they say, I don’t like cheese but I do like chocolate, although not as much as my mum like’s chocolate.

What I am REALLY excited about though, is my dad has told me that for my birthday he is going to take me to a football game.  My team is Newcastle United.

I know their colours are black and white. My cat Maggie is the same colour.  I also know my dad went to see them play football when it was his 5th birthday.  I also know that when the black and whites play football on the TV that my granddad shouts at the television and jumps up and down a lot.

It is now time for me to go to sleep but when I wake up I will be 5 years old….I am very excited……..


It’s here, I am 5, it’s my birthday and I am going to the football match with my dad.

First I open my presents, I get lots of Star Wars figures and Lego, Star Wars is my favourite film.  Now I am 5 Robert and Toby my friends say I can fly the Millenium Falcon, but I am going to do that next week.  My favourite present is the last one, a Newcastle United scarf. My dad has one exactly the same. Now I can look like him.

I am now on the bus and we are travelling from Whitley Bay, where we live to Newcastle.  The bus is very full and we only just managed to get some seats. There are lots of different people on the bus.  We sit near an old lady who walks very slow but gives me a nice smile and said she liked my new scarf.  She asks me if I have been to the football match before and says that she used to go when she was younger and watch someone called Jackie Milburn.  I don’t know who he is, but my dad says he was really good at football.  I think that everything was in black and white when he played football and there was no colour.

The bus stops and we are in Newcastle.  My dad says we will walk to the football ground from here.

Newcastle is very busy and far busier than Whitley Bay.  We walk past a place with a Strawberry sign, I ask my dad if they grow strawberries in that place, I don’t really strawberries but my sister does.  My dad laughs and says sometimes they sell strawberry beer.


My dad says we should go and look at a statue, which is next to the place where they don’t sell strawberries.  There is a man kicking a football, my dad says that is a statue of Jackie Milburn, I know all about Jackie Milburn because the lady on the bus told me about him.


We walk along for a little bit and then I start to feel hungry because of the nice smells, my dad says they are hotdogs and would I like one.  I say yes, I like hotdogs with tomato sauce, my sister doesn’t like hotdogs, but likes strawberries but not strawberry beer.

My dad passes my hotdog down to me from the nice lady in a van and I turn around and I see 2 very big horses in the middle of the road, my dad says they are police horses, one of the horses looks at me and my hotdog and I think he smiled at me.  I like the smell of my hotdog but not the smell of the horse poo.

My dad says it is now time to go to see the football.  He says look at that and points to this very big building in front of us.  It is the biggest thing I have ever seen.  I think it is bigger than the moon but probably not bigger than the Millenium Falcon.  My dad tells me that it is called St James Park.

We walk around a corner and there is another man who is a statue, he looks like a very important and nice man.  My dad tells me this is Sir Bobby Robson and he was definitely a nice man and very important.  My dad tells me that like us he was a Geordie and everyone loved him. My tells me that Bobby used to come to watch the football matches with his dad as well…I like Bobby.


We walk up lots and lots and lots of steps, my legs aren’t very big yet but I walk as fast as I can.  My dad then gets something out of his pocket, he tells me this is your ticket.  I look at my ticket it is white with writing on it and smells like the wrapping paper that was on my presents this morning.  I look at my ticket and my new Newcastle scarf and I am happy.

We wait with other people in a line then my dad lifts me up and I put my ticket into a machine and it makes a loud buzzing noise and the gate opens.  My dad says this is it, you are now in St James Park.  I look around and I tell my dad I can’t see any footballs or grass.  My dad smiles and tells me we need to walk up some more steps….


We start walking up some steps and I can feel my dad squeeze my hand a little bit harder.  Then I walk onto the top step and my dad stops and says what do you think of that…..

I can see the greenest grass I have ever seen.

I can see more people then I have ever seen before.

They’re are the brightest lights I have ever seen on the roof.

I can also see that everyone is wearing black and white like my scarf.

I can see Monty magpie, I have a Monty Magpie teddy on my bed.

It is very noisy and everyone seems to be happy then I hear some people starting to sing a song.  I know some of the words that my dad and mum sing to me every night before I go to bed.

The people start to sing the song louder and my dad joins in, so I join in because I know some of the words.

1862 on a summers afternoon.  I like this bit the best though.  Gannin along the Scotswood ROOOAAADDDDDD to see the Blaydon Races.  I sing ROOOADDDDD as loud as I can but there is a man next to us who can sing much louder than me.

Everyone around us then starts to clap and cheer and my dad says the game is about to start.  The players start running around and the ball comes down to our end and my dad tells me this is a corner.  I get excited but my dad tells me, we never score a goal from corners!

The player runs across to take the corner kick and everyone claps, so I start to clap, the man taking the kick has no hair and my dad says he is called Jonjo Shelvey and he is good.  So I clap some more.

He kicks the ball into the box and one of our players heads the ball.  I see that the net inside the goal moves and then my dad lifts me up into the air and he is jumping around with me and his friends. An old man in front of us drops his walking stick and is jumping around.  A big man is dancing in front of us and his belly is wobbling.  Everyone is very happy.

Everyone starts singing again, GANNIN ALONG THE SCOTSWOOD ROOAADDDDD. My dad looks at me and smiles and says I am a “lucky charm”.  I don’t know what that means but I am happy.  I ask my dad if Newcastle win every football game.  He looks at me and smiles and says “Welcome to the Strawberry Corner son, this is the best rollercoaster you are ever going to go on…..”


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